Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • What safety training do your employees Have?  
Duffy Willard Employees receive ongoing safety training and are currently certified with Osha 10 training, Red Cross first aid and CPR, trench safety training, and we have monthly reviews for safe work practices.  We are committed to protecting ourselves and the people around our job sites.


  • Will you re-do my lawn for me or do only use this method on your construction jobs?
We will be happy to talk with you about your specific project and to give you a quote if practical.

  • Do I Have To Water The Lawn?
Yes. The Hydro Seed mix does have a fiber mulch to help retain moisture, but the lawn area still has to receive water.

  • Why Is It Green?
This is a dye that we add to the tank that makes it easier to see where we have sprayed the Hydro Seed, and its amount of coverage.

  • Do You Have To Put Straw Over The Top?
No. The fiber mulch in the mix replaces the straw for retaining moisture.

  • How Do I Know If The Building Has Asbestos?
For any demolition project, you should first contact your local building inspector. They will be able to provide a wealth of information as to what is required before a demolition can begin. Often times, an inspection will be required prior to the start of the project as to determine if asbestos is present.

  • What Else Do I Need To Consider Before Tearing A Structure Down?
Disconnecting Utilities such as water, gas, electric, cable, etc. is vital. Provisions to protect the sewer line from becoming clogged with debris are a must. This is generally covered within the application for a demolition permit.

  • How Else Do We Assist With Demolition Projects?
We are happy to work with the homeowner, and sometimes their Insurance agent, to ensure that all the bases are covered and the job is done right.

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